About us

    Sri Balaji Estates established by Mr.Ravi Vathsavaai in 2013. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified in 2017. We value our investors and promise to secure their investment along with high returns in Sri Balaji Estates. We have achieved very good response from our investors that made us to stand in market. As this market gives a negative impression on people who works in this industry, we brought a change that, people works in real estate possess very good impression.

    All our plots located in Raghunadhapalem village and Koyachalaka village which are 9.2 kms from proposed new bus station. We started marketing 12 acres of venture with 10 employees in 2012. We successfully completed our 71 acres (2358 plots) of land sales with our 450 employees. Now, we started sales of 35 acres in which we planned 1121 plots and sold 155 plots successfully. We are very thankful to all our investors.


Ravi Vatsavaai

Managing Director, Founder