Our Business :

We sell land conversion plots with registration. After completion of registration process, we hand over the registration documents to the land owner along with 30 years link documents and Encumbrance Certificate of the land. To provide extra income to the land owners, we take the plot for lease upto 10 years. In this plot, we plant 2 years old Sandalwood (Santalum Album) for 10 years. We take care of the maintenance, Harvesting and Marketing of Sandalwood trees. Harvesting process starts at the age of 12 years to the Sandalwood. After marketing, profit on Sandalwood shared on 70:30 basis. 70% profit given to plot owners and remain 30% profit taken by Sri Balaji Estates. All the maintenance charge is absolutely free. We provide free mebership in Lohiitha Waterworld and Amusement park for our customers and to their family for 10 years. After lease period, we remove the trees, clean the plots, construct BT roads and then, handover it to our customers. Whenever customer think about investment, we should be their one and only choice.


  • 111.11 Sq.Yds (20'X50') and 222.22 Sq.Yds (40'X50') plots available

  • 10 Sandalwood and 10 Malabar neem plants for 111.11 Sq.Yds

  • 20 Sandalwood and 20 Malabar neem plants for 222.22 Sq.Yds

  • Name boards will be installed in each plot along with land owner's name and plant details

  • Land owners have liberty to sell their land to any person at any time on any cost

  • We provide 30 years link documents

  • Free membership for water world and theme park

  • 111.11 Sq.Yds (20'X50') plots starts from INR 1,75,000/- only

  • 222.22 Sq.Yds (20'X50') plots starts from INR 3,83,000/- only

  • No maintenance fee for all the benefits

Benefits in Sri Balaji Estates:

Name board installation in each plot

Nameboard installation in each plot

Sandalwood and Malabarneem plantation in each plot

Sandalwood and Malabarneem plantation

Water world and Theme park graphic design

Water world and Theme park graphic design

water world new

Water world


Security to your plots

Image of fourth value row

Spot registration